Low Income Household Water Assistance Program



Get to Know LIHWAP​​​

​LIHWAP stands for the Low Income Household Water Assistance Program.

LIHWAP drinking water and wastewater benefits are scheduled to be available in June 2022

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LIHWAP will offer a one-time payment to help you pay your past due water or wastewater bills.

LIHWAP will help pay overdue bills which accrued during any timeframe (i.e., there is no date restriction on the bill relief period).

To learn more about LIHWAP, visit the LIHWAP program overview.​

​Am I Eligible?


Eligibility for LIHWAP services can vary depending on income, household size, place of residence, and other factors.

Your household may qualify if:

  • ​Your total household gross income is at or below 60% of the State Median Income (see table) or a household member is a current recipient of CalFresh or CalWORKs;
  • You have a past due amount on your water or wastewater bill;
  • ​You receive service from a community water system or wastewater treatment provider (private wells and septic excluded); and 
  • Your water or wastewater system opted into the program. 

LIHWAP drinking water and wastewater benefits are scheduled to be available in​ June 2022. 

​2022​ LIHWAP Incom​e Eligibility

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Behind on Your Energy Bills?

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) may be able to help you pay your energy bills. The program is currently open. ​

​For more information, visit www.csd.ca.gov/energybill.​



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