Paying My Energy Bills

​Get to Know LIHEAP​

​​​LIHEAP stands for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance ​Program.​

It may be able to help you pay yo​​​ur energy bill. ​​​​

LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps low-income households pay for heating or cooling in their homes. 

With additional federal funding available to help households struggling with higher energy costs and making ends meet, many Californians in need may qualify.​

​​LIHEAP can offer a one-time payment to help you:​​​

  • ​Pay your heating or cooling bills, even if you use wood, propane, or oil.​

  • In an emergency or energy crisis, such as a utility disconnection.​​

In addition to help with paying ​​your energy bill, LIHEAP can also provide in-home weatherization services for:

  • ​Improved energy efficiency, and

  • Health and safety.​​​​​

​Am I Eligible?​​

Eligibility for LIHEAP services can vary depending on income, household size, place of residence, and other factors.

To apply for LIHEAP services and to inquire about the type of assistance available in your area, please use the search feature below to contact your local LIHEAP agency for more informationIf you would prefer to speak to a live operator to assist you in obtaining more information on where to apply, please call our toll-free helpline at (866) 675-6623.​

2023​ LIHEAP Income Eligibility​​​ ​​​

​​​​​​Per​​sons In Ho​usehol​​​​d​​​

​​M​onthly​ In​co​me
​4 $5,192.75
​5 $6,023.59

​*For families/households with more than 10 persons, add $155.7​8​​ for each additional person.

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​Consumer Alert

Californians should be aware of fraudulent activity by individuals seeking to take advantage of people's heightened economic anxiety as the Coronavirus continues to spread. Individuals posing as representatives from utility companies are contacting people by telephone, email, social media, and text message to defraud people out of their money ​and personal information by convincing them their utilities will be shut off if they don’t pay. 

If you get a call from someone claiming to be your utility company, firmly tell them you will contact the utility company directly, and do not give banking information over the phone unless you place the call to a number you know is legitimate. Utility companies don’t demand banking information by email or phone. And they won’t force you to pay by phone as your only option.

If you are made aware of or receive any communication, please report it to the​ F​e​deral Trade Commission​ (FTC). ​Your reports help the FTC and our law enforcement partners stop scammers.

For more information, please visit: FTC's Consum​er Information Site​

Find more information about program eligibility and details about LIHEAP
Note: Please contact your local LIHEAP provider for specific questions about​ ​eligibility and available services in your area.



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