Paying My Energy Bills Paying My Energy Bills

If you need help paying your gas or electric bill, the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) may be able to help you with a one-time payment. Program eligibility is based on federal income guidelines and assistance may be available to eligible low-income families and individuals that qualify. To apply for this program and inquire about the type of assistance is available, please contact the local service provider that adminsters LIHEAP services in your local area.

2019 LIHEAP Income Eligibility

Persons In Household​​Monthly Income


Search below with Find Services in Your Area​ to locate your local provider, then contact them to learn more and apply for assistance. If you would prefer to speak to a live operator to assist you in obtaining more information on where to apply, please call our toll-free help line at (866) 675-6623.

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