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 What is CSBG?

CSBG is a federal investment to reduce poverty in the United States. Funded under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, CSBG provides States, U.S. Territories, Native American Indian Tribes and other organizations funds to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in local communities.

 What kinds of services are available through CSBG?

CSBG funds result in innovative programs that address the leading causes of poverty as determined locally by administering community based organizations. To name a few, CSBG helps low-income individuals obtain employment, increase their education, access vital early childhood programs, and achieve or maintain their independence. CSBG funding supports projects that:

  • Lessen poverty in communities
  • Address the needs of low-income individuals including the homeless, migrants and the elderly
  • Provide services and activities addressing employment, education, better use of available income, housing, nutrition, emergency services and/or health

Services under CSBG are determined and provided by non-profit and public agencies in local communities throughout the state. Due to the unique block grant requirements of CSBG, services offered throughout the state will vary depending on the local needs assessment conducted in each community.



Star GraphicCSD Awards $1.6 Million To Benefit Low-Income Californians 

The Department of Community Services and Development (CSD) announced $1.6 million in awards to support targeted initiatives and innovative projects that benefit low-income individuals, families and communities under the federally-funded Community Services Block Grant (CSBG).

“These grants provide communities around the state with opportunities to create and implement innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for low-income Californians targeting their local needs,” said CSD Acting Director Linné Stout. “As a result of these targeted initiatives and innovative projects, California’s low-income families and individuals living in these communities will be positively impacted by these new opportunities.”

CSBG eligible entities applied for awards in one of five categories identified through a survey to address specific areas that provide the most value and benefit to their communities: Employment; Homeless Services; Youth Services (including employment); Food and Nutrition; and Innovative Projects.

Information GraphicARE YOU ELIGIBLE?

A number of factors are considered when determining eligibility for program services offered under CSBG. If you meet the income guidelines based on your household size, you may be eligible to receive services.

To find out if you meet CSBG income guidelines, you can either use Eli the Eligibility Wizard, an interactive calculator that allows you to select your income and household information, or refer to the CSBG Income Guidelines Chart: 

NOTE: You must also meet all other program eligibility requirements.

Arrow Graphic  GET HELP

Please visit CSD’s Service Map to contact your local Community Services Provider and find more information about services offered in your local area.